How We Work

We offer Oracle E-Business Suite contracting services to organisations across the UK. Specialising in working with organisations that use or are planning to use Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) or Oracle ERP Cloud, we help Analyse, Design, Implement and Optimise processes and controls, both within Oracle and in supporting operations. We provide services as both consultants and contractors in two distinct ways:


  • On site and remote consulting and contracting support
  • Remote assessment services, using the Systems Risk Services Exception Analytics Suite


We also offer project management services to help you manage complex Oracle EBS and ERP Cloud security and controls assessment, improvement and implementation programmes.


We believe we have a unique combination of experience, having acted as reviewers, auditors or implementers of 40+ Oracle security, access controls and business process controls projects. We’ve also successfully led risk, security and controls work streams for Oracle-enabled finance transformation programmes. This not only gives us strong project management skills, but we also have hands-on experience in implementing best practice controls, and have a good idea of how much effort it is to implement these and the best approach for their implementation.

We work through the following highly effective and refined process, which we have found to work time and time again:


“Providing visibility and assurance into how processes, controls and projects are operating, showing where and how these could be improved.”


“Managing business risks through designing controlled and efficient processes both within Oracle and its supporting manual activities.”


“Ensuring that controls are enforced, that processes are improved and that users and administrators are trained.”


“Improving the effectiveness of processes and controls and ensuring that they remain efficient by using Oracle better.”